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Best Zend Framework Objective Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Zend Framework Objective Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Zend Framework MCQs. These objective type Zend Framework questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT companies.

1. ZendAcl supports _____ inheritance among Resource objects.

a. cyclic
b. multiple
c. no
d. single
Ans: d
MCQs on Zend Framework

2. Zend_Auth throws an exception upon an unsuccessful  authentication attempt due to invalid credentials (e.g., the username does not exist).

a. True
b. False
Ans: b

3. Is the following class name valid?: My Foo 123

a. Yes
b. No
Ans: a

4. The filename “Zend/Db/Table.php” must map to the class name _______?

a.   Zend Table
b.  Zend Db Table
Ans: b

5. ZendDb contains a f actory() method by which you may instantiate a database adapter object

a. True
b. False
Ans: a

6. Zend DB Select supports querying columns containing expressions (e.g., LOWER(someColumn))

a. True
b. False
Ans: a

7. Which ONE of the following will NOT display the value of $ var?

a. echo ZendDebug::dump($var, ‘var’, false);
b. obstartO;
Zend debug: :dump ($var, ‘var’, false);
ob end f lush ;
c. Zend Debug: :dump($var, ‘var’, true);
d. ZendDebug::dump($var, ‘var’);
Ans: b

8. Which formatters are provided with Zend Log? (choose two)?

a. Zend Log Formatter Db
b. Zend Log Formatter Simple
c. Zend Log Formatter Text
d. Zend Log Formatter Xml
Ans: d

9. Validators used with Zend Form should implement which class?

a. Zend_Form_ValidatorAbstract
b. Zend_Validate_Abstract
c.Zend_Validate_Inter face
d. Zend Fo rm Validate Inter face
Ans: c

10. Which of the following is NOT a valid mechanism for adding a decorator to an element?

a. <code>
$element->addDecorator (new
ZendForrnDecoratorViewlielper ());
b. <code>
$element-:’attachDecoratc’r (‘Viewflelper’);
c. <code>
$element—>addt3eccratcr (‘ViewHelper9;
d. <code>
$element->addDecorator (‘Viewelper’,
array(’helper’ > ‘foo’));
Ans: b

11. Zend_Config allows hierarchical and sectioned key-value pairs to exist in a single file.

a. True
b. False
Ans: a

12. Given $tree = new Tree(array(’type’ => ‘cedar’)); , and you

wish to persist this object via Zend_Session, which call

will put this object in the default namespace?

a. Zend Session Nanespace: :set(’tree’, Stree);
b. $sess = new Zend Session NamespaceQ;
$sess->tree = Stree;
c. $sess = new ZendSessionQ;
$sess->tree = $tree;
d. $sess = Zend Session: :getlnstance()
$sess—>set (‘‘, $tree);
Ans: b

13. Which method of Zend Locale will check if a given string is a locale?

a. isLocale
b. areLocale
Ans: a

14. Which Zend Date constant should you use when you want to have the date formatted for an RS3 feed?

a. Zend_Date: :RSS FEED
b. Zend Date: :RSS2
c. Zend_Date: :RSS
d. Zend_Date: :RSSFEED
Ans: c

15. With quotas enabled which methods might fail because you’re over quota? 

a. appendNessage()
b. removeMessage()
c. createFolder()
d. getMessage()
Ans: a,b

16. Which one of the following will NOT assign the values to the view object?

a. <?php
$mail = new Zend Mail Storage Pop3 Tls (array( ‘host’
=‘example.com’,’user’ =‘test’)); ?>
b. <?php
$mail = new Zend Mail Storage Pop3 (array(’host’
=‘example.com’,’user’ =‘test’,
‘ssl’ = true)); ?>
c. <?php
$mail = new Zend Mail Storage Pop3 (array( ‘host’
=‘example.com’, ‘user’ =‘test’,
‘ssl’ = ‘tls’)); ?>
d. <?php
$mail = new Zend Mail Storage Pop3 (array(’host’
=‘exarnple.com’, ‘user’ =‘test’,
‘tls’ = true)); ?>
Ans: c

17. Front Controller plugins and Action Helpers share what comon feature?

a. pre— and postDispatch() hooks
b. Introspection of the action controller
c. Ability to change routing behavior
d. Registration with a comon broker
Ans: a

18. Which one of the following will NOT assign the values to the view object?

a. <code>
$view—>foo = ‘bar’;
$view->bar = ‘baz’;
b. <code>
$view—>assign (array (
‘foc’ > ‘bar’,
‘bar’ > ‘baz’,
c. <code>
$view—>assign (‘ f oo’, ‘bar’);
$view->assign(’bar’, ‘baz’);
</ code>
d. <code>
$view->as sign (
array(’foo’ > ‘bar’),
array(’bar’ > ‘baz’)
Ans: d

19. If $cache is an instance of Zend Cache Frontend Function, which ONE of the following will cache this function call:

$result = nultiply(S, 10);
a. $result = $cache—>call(’ntultiply’, array(S, 10));
b. $result = $cache->call(’nultiply’, 5, 10);
c. $result = $cache—>niultiply(array(5, 10));
d. $result = $cache->rnultiply(5, 10);
Ans: a

20. Which ONE of the following will create a memory manager object?

a. $memoryManager = new ZendMemory(’None’);
b. $memoryMar.ager = new ZendMemoryBackendNorieQ;
c. $memory&lanager = ZendMemory::factory(’None’);
d. $memoryManager = Zend Memory: :getlnstance(’Nrne’);
Ans: c

21. Which method should be used to retrieve total number of documents stored in the index (including deleted documents)?

a. $index—>countDocuxnents fl;
b. $index->numooc O;
c. $index->docCountQ;
d. $index—>countO;
Ans: d

22. How to get full list of indexed fields from the index?

a. $index->getFields(true);
b. $index->getFields (false);
c. $index->getFields(Zendsearchtucene Field: :INDEXED);
d. $index->getFields fl;
Ans: a

23. When using Zerid_View with unescaped data, which of the following view script calls would escape your data, $data:

a. $this->filter ($data)
b. $this->escape($data)
c. $this->htmlEntities ($data)
d. $data->escape ()
Ans: b

24. Zend Auth will, regardless of the adapter used to process identities and credentials, will encrypt the information sent from the browser to the application using it.

Ans: b

25. XML-RPC fault responses are reported by Zend XmlRpc Client by:

a. Raising an exception
b. Triggering an error
c. Using the client’s isFault() method
d. Checking for a fault Message in the response
Ans: a

26. Zend Rest Client expects a REST service that returns what type of content?

a. Plain text
d. XML
Ans: d