Circuit Design Interview Questions & Answers

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Best Circuit Design Interview Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Circuit Design Interview Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Circuit Design. These Circuit Design Questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular questions during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT & Non IT Industries.

1. The Numerical Values Of What Circuit Elements Are Typically Represented Using Colored Stripes?

The numerical values of resistors circuit elements are typically represented using colored stripes.

Interview Questions on Circuit Design

2. Which Of These Statements Expresses De Morgan's Theorem?



3. In A Low-pass Filter Consisting Of A Resistor And A Capacitor, How Will The Cut-off Frequency Change If The Capacitance Is Increased?

The cut-off frequency is lower for larger capacitances.


4. In A High-pass Filter Consisting Of A Resistor And A Capacitor, How Will The Cut-off Frequency Change If The Capacitance Is Increased?

The cut-off frequency is lower for larger capacitances.


5. A High-voltage Primary Circuit Is Isolated With The Use Of An Optocoupler On A Secondary Circuit. Does The Addition Of The Optocoupler Add Inductance To Either Circuit?

no, the optocoupler does not add inductance.


6. Consider A Switch On A High-voltage Circuit That Is Unsafe To Operate Manually. How Might The Switch Be Safely Actuated?

by using a secondary, low-voltage relay circuit.


7. To What Does The "sample Rate" Of A Signal Refer?

how often in time the signal is sampled.


8. Which Model Is Generally Used For Transmission Lines?

distributed element model is generally used for transmission lines.


9. How To Use Breadboard?

Breadboard used as a construction base for prototyping of a circuit.


10. How Does The Breakdown Voltage Of A Dielectric Depend Upon Its Thickness?

a thick layer of dielectric has a higher breakdown voltage than a thinner layer of the same dielectric.


11. If In A Circuit The Input Voltage (vin) Is Applied Across The Series Impedances Z1 And Z2 And The Output Is Taken Across Z2, What Is The Output Voltage (vout) Given By?

[Z2 / (Z1 + Z2)] . Vin


12. A String Of Decorative Holiday Lights Are Lit Except For Two Burnt-out Bulbs. Are The Bulbs Of The String Wired In Parallel Or Series With Each Other?

The lights must be wired in parallel with each other.


13. How Many Diodes Are Required To Build The Bridge In A Full-wave Rectifier That Does Not Employ A Transformer?

four diodes are required to build the bridge in a full-wave rectifier that does not employ a transformer.


14. According To Kirchhoff's Voltage Law, The Sum Of The Emfs In Any Closed Loop Is Equal To?

The sum of the potential drops in that loop.


15. What Are The Names Of The Three Terminals On A Bjt Transistor?





16. Which Is A Primary Disadvantage Of A Solid-state Amplifier Compared With A Vacuum-tube Amplifier?

poor tolerance for high -current and -voltage transients.


17. How Is The Nyquist Rate For A Signal Related To The Bandwidth Of The Signal?

a wider bandwidth requires a higher Nyquist rate.


18. What Is The Approximate Impedance Of A Universal Serial Bus (usb) Computer Connection?

50 Ohm


19. What Is The Function Of A Diode Clamp?

to maintain the voltage of a signal between fixed bounds.


20. To What Do The "rails" Of An Operational Amplifier Refer?

the potentials of the positive and negative terminals of the power supply.


21. In A Differentiator Circuit, The Output Is Approximately?

directly proportional to the rate of change of input.


22. One 50-ohm Resistor And Two Parallel 100-ohm Resistors Have The Same Impedance. In Which System Do The Resistors Have Lower Current When Dissipating 1 Kw?

the system with two 100-Ohm resistors.


23. On A Printed Circuit Board That Supports Several Different Inductors In Different Circuits, Are There Any Constraints To The Layout Of The Inductors?

Yes, the inductors must be oriented at right angles in order to avoid coupling.


24. On A Printed Circuit Board, What Is A Flux Capacitor?

An exploitation of the capacitance that is due to the lateral electric flux between two adjacent printed conductors.


25. What Is The Characteristic Feature Of Heterodyne Processing Compared With Homodyne Processing?

only heterodyne processing employs frequency conversion.


26. The Self-induced Back Voltage In A Circuit That Occurs When An Inductive Dc Circuit Is Opened May Be Safely Routed Away From The Switch With A Diode Connected Across The Inductor And Against The Dc Voltage. What Is The Main Disadvantage Of This Practice?

the decay of the current in the inductor is relatively slow.


27. Why Does An "l Pad" Impedance-matching Network Bear That Name?

Because the two resistors in the network are traditionally oriented in the shape of the capital letter "L" on schematic drawings.


28. In A High-pass Filter Consisting Of A Resistor And An Inductor, How Will The Cut-off Frequency Change If The Inductance Is Increased?

The cut-off frequency is lower for larger inductances.


29. Dithering Of An Audiofrequency Signal Typically Occurs At What Stage?

following digital-to-analog conversion and prior to playback.


30. Which Of The Following Statements Can Be Made Concerning A Xnor (b Xnor C) = (a Xnor B) Xnor C ?

this is true because XNOR is associative.