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Dear Readers, Welcome to STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB VIVA Interview Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB VIVA. These STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB VIVA Questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular questions during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT & Non IT Industries. 



1. Define Hooke’s Law.

2. Define Strength of materials

3. What is stress?

4. What is strain?

5. What is deformation?

6. How is deformation calculated?

7. Say something on Rigid Body.

8. Say something on deformable solids.

9. Differentiate simple and compound stress.

10. What is stiffness?

11. Types of stresses.

12. Types of strains.

13. What is volumetric strain?

14. Differentiate Tensile Strain and Tensile stress.

15. Differentiate Compressive Strain and Compressive stress.

16. Differentiate Shear Strain and Shear stress.

17. What is factor of safety?

18. What is Ultimate strength?

19. What is working stress?

20. What is Yield Strength?

21. Define Stiffness of a helical spring.

22. Differentiate between closed and open coil helical spring.

23. Principle of Superposition in bars of varying cross section.

24. Types of Load.

25. Explain torque.

26. What is Torsional force?

27. What is torsional rigidity?

28. Define Centripetal force.

29. Define Centrifugal force.

30. Explain Radius of gyration.

31. What is calibration?

32. Tell About Moment of inertia.

33. What is Inertia?

34. Polar moment of inertia.

35. Say something on Traction.

36. Explain about Principal plane.

37. Explain about Principal axis.

38. Draw Shear force diagram for a cantilever beam with udl and point load.

39. Draw Shear force diagram for a SSB with udl and point load

40. What are SSB, Fixed Beams, Hinged Beams.

41. Explain the equilibrium condition for a body.

42. Differentiate between Bar and column

43. Types of beams.

44. What is Shear centre?

45. Tell something on elastic constants.

46. What is Poisson’s ratio?

47. Differentiate Longitudinal and Lateral Strain.

48. Relation between Bulk Modulus and Young’s modulus.

49. Explain about modulus of rigidity.

50. What is Strain energy?

51. What is Resilience?

52. Define proof of resilience.

53. Define modulus of resilience.

54. How is potential energy related to strain energy.

55. Explain Castigliano’s Theorem.

56. What is slenderness ratio?

57. When do we call the failure to be fatigue?

58. Explain sudden impact.

59. Explain about buckling in a beam.

60. Why is it necessary to check hardness?

61. Enumerate the advantages of Rockwell Hardness test over Brinell hardness test.

62. Differentiate between pneumatic and hydraulic pumps.

63. Unit of force, deflection, stress, strain, E, K, G.

64. Purpose of UTM. 65. Define a Hydraulic jack.

66. What is torsional bending?

67. What is axial load?

68. Say something on ageing factor.

69. Define Section modulus.

70. What is a composite beam.