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Best Share Marketing Objective type Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Share Marketing Objective Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Share Marketing Multiple choice Questions. These Objective type Share Marketing are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT & Non IT Industry.

1) When did stocks Trading Start in the United tates? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Around 25 Years Ago 
  B. Around 50 Years Ago
  C. Around 75 Years Ago
  D. Around 200 Years Ago 
Ans: D
 Objective Type Questions On Share Marketing

2) When was the New York Stock Exchange created? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. 1992 
  B. 1702 
  C. 1863
  D. 1792 
Ans: D

3) What is NYSE? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. New York Saturday Exchange 
  B. New York Stock Exchange 
  C. New York Store Exchange
  D. A and B
Ans: B

4) What are Stock Ticker Symbols | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. How Stocks go Up & Down 
  B. Identification tag for a Stock 
  C. Little Tickers Seen On Exchange
  D. All of Above
Ans: B


5) Stockholder is another name for | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Sharemember 
  B. Shareholder 
  C. Sharebuilder
  D. None of the Above
Ans: B

6) What is Stock Fundlemental Analysis? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Evaluating A Companies Balance Sheets 
  B. Evaluating A Companies Operating Hours
  C. Evaluating A Companies Balance Attack
  D. B and C
 Ans: A

7) What company has the following MSFT ticker symbol? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Merck 
  B. McDonalds
  C. Microsoft 
  D. None of the above
Ans: C

8) What is AMEX? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. American Stock Exchange Capital 
  B. American Mobile Stock Exchange
  C. American Merchant Stock Exchange
  D. American Mirror Stock Exchange
Ans: A

9) What is a company Annual report? | Share Marketing Mcqs

A. Financial Statement issued by a Capitalist
  B. Financial Statement issued by China
  C. Financial Statement issued by a Corporation 
  D. None of the Above
Ans: C

10) What is a Bear Market? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. A Declining Asset 
  B. A Declining Market 
  C. A Declining savings bond
  D. B & C
Ans: B

11) How many companies make up Dow Jones Industrial Average? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. 10 Companies 
  B. 20 Companies
  C. 30 Companies 
  D. 50 Companies
Ans: C

12) It is always good to invest in a stock that has declined or seems to be "on sale." | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. True 
  B. False 
Ans: B

13) If there are more buyers than sellers the prices________. | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Fall 
  B. Rise 
Ans: B

14) Money availibility can change with....(check all that apply) | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Movement of Interest rates 
  B. Earning of a Corporation 
  C. Having Investors
Ans: A,B

15) _________is where the price stops declining and either flattens out or begins to retrace its upward trend. | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Substructure 
  B. Foundation
  C. Floor
  D. Bottom 
  E. Hault
Ans: D

16) From your readings, What are the common reasons a price decline might NOT be so serious? | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Company stock is taking a break 
  B. Market Ans: ion 
  C. Profit taking from employee stock distribution 
  D. Cheaper to buy
  E. No news related reason at all 
Ans: B,C,E

17) From your readings, What are the common reasons a price decline could be serious? (Check all that apply) | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Lower earnings or estimates are predicted. 
  B. Possible lawsuit. 
  C. Low credit ratings. 
  D. Employee strike
  E. Tax problems 
Ans: A,B,C,E

18) If there are more sellers than buyers the prices _______. | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Fall 
  B. Rise
Ans: A

19) A good investor must become familiar with the ________ action of the market and the stock of interest. | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Past 
  B. Buyer
  C. Current 
  D. Seller
  E. Future
Ans: C

20) The stock market always trades..... | Share Marketing Mcqs

  A. Due to current prices and trends. 
  B. In anticipation for the future. 
  C. Based on past sales.
Ans: B

21) Usually the best time to buy in a stock is when.......

  A. a uptrend turns down and solidly crosses the trend line. 
  B. a downtrend turns up and solidly crosses the trend line. 
  C. a downtrend turns up and stays at the trend line.
  D. a uptrend rises and remains at the trend line.
Ans: B

22) _________________ is when buyers enter a downtrend and stop the decline.

  A. Assistance 
  B. Support 
  C. Reinforcement
  D. Foundation
  E. Provision
Ans: B

23) Information about _______________(s) can be otained through news media, the internet, or by calling the company direct.

A. stock
B. Stocks.
C. All of the above
Ans: C

24) A ____________________ gives their opinion as to the current weakness or strength of the stock market.

 A. market analysis
 B. economist
 C. Both A&B
 D. None

25) A high interest investment in a company in risk of going bankrupt is called a:  

A. Blue chip 
B. Junk bond 
C. Futures
D. Fool's gold
Ans: B

26) This describes an investment tool in which a group of indivdiuals give money to a company/person who in turns invests the money for them. 

A. Preferred stock 
B. Common stock
C. Mutual Fund 
D. Corporate bond
Ans: C

27) Stock with less volatility, reputed company, long history of growth and earnings is called as

A. Growth stock 
B. Income Stock
C. Large Cap stock
D. Blue Chip stock 
Ans: D

28) Ratio used to compare a stock's market value to its book value.

A. price to book ratio 
B. Dividend yeild ratio
C. price earning ratio
D. Earning per share
Ans: A

29) Stock trading where stock quantities buy or sell by an investor is more then 0.5% of total number of equity shares of the company listed is called as.

A. bull dael
B. Bull
C. Dael
D. All of the above
Ans: A

30) An individual is more likely to invest in a bear market than in a bull market.   

A. True 
B. False 
Ans: B