Sales Manager Interview Questions & Answers

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Best Sales Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Sales Manager Interview Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Sales Manager.These Sales Manager Questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular questions during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT companies. 

1. What personality traits should a Sales Manager possess?

“The traits of a perfect sales manager: loyalty (first to the customer, then the company, then the sales force), consistency, empathetic, and should be process-oriented.”

Interview Questions On Sales Manager

2. What is the difference between ‘managing’ and ‘leading’ which one is more important?

“Usually managing and leading are misunderstood as words with the same meaning. Whereas in reality there’s a border line between the two; managing refers to management of the task or work usually conducted by the manager, while on the other hand leading is a broad term used to refer to one who has the responsibility of leading or directing the workforce on the path to achievement of certain goals. Managers are the brains of any business whereas leaders are the hearts. Managers do things right whereas leaders does the right things.”


3. How do you manage solving conflicts within your sales team?

“As a manager I always prefer to remain calm, Let the others have their say. Than considering their issues in depth in order to work out a possible solution.”


4.Describe sales-teamwork; how did you handle your team challenges?

Consider possible answer to these questions; select the most impressive. Consult with colleagues and friends, prepare and rehearse your responses so that you make smooth presentation. Sound positive and confident; prepare to share some telling experiences. If you have pertinent volunteer experience, relate one as well. Remember that the same qualities needed for a sale manager can be utilized to ensure you a job offer as well!


5. What is your management style?

Interviewer is interested to know how effectively and efficiently you work .so it’s important to impress the interviewer with your competency and accuracy.

“I believe I’m organized and efficient, able to do work quickly. Always ask for feedback and change my mind according to get the best outcome. Never lose interest in any project of mine unless I’ll get the desired result.”


6. Did you set up sale targets for your staff?

“Yes I always set sales targets for sales staff because it will help them work towards the achievement of predetermined path leading to an efficient and a productive working environment.”


7. What are some of the typical key tasks of a sales Manager?

“The typical tasks of a sales manager are to resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service, monitor customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts, direct and coordinate activities involving sales of manufactured products, services, commodities, real estate or other subjects of sale, determine price schedules and discount rates, Review operational records and reports to project sales and determine profitability.”


8. Do you arrange any training programs for your staff development?

“Yes I have conducted many training sessions for counselling weak staff to help them to enhance their skills and abilities so that they can contribute more effectively towards organization’s success.”


9. What selling techniques will you suggest?

“For a sales person Optimism and enthusiasm should be always there. Negativity has no place in sales. Those sales people who think outside the box and take it upon themselves to thoroughly learn the product or service will be better equipped to confidently tackle questions. Consumers value transparency, so honesty and integrity rank highly in the list of desired sales traits. One of the most effective sales techniques is to develop a trusted relationship with your leads and customers. Every successful salesperson has a specific closing strategy that works for her. Whether appealing to a customer’s emotional triggers or confidently answering questions and dispelling doubts, finding and tweaking a closing strategy that works is one of the most vital parts of selling. Establishing a rapport with your customer will enable you to find out what your customer’s needs and wants are and will help you analyse his decision making process.”


10. What is it about sales you enjoy?

Say that you enjoy the challenge of speaking to new customers and closing a deal. For you, the best thing about sales is the knowledge that you can turn people who are interested in a product into buyers.


11. Why do you feel now is the right time to move to a sales manager position?

Answer that during your career in sales you have had many opportunities to train and guide others and have come to learn that you can add more value to a team by sharing your experience and techniques than by working alone. Say that you feel now is the right time to make a move to managing a sales team.


12. How do you feel you would handle the extra demands placed upon you as a manager?

Say that you are confident that given the opportunity you will thrive in this environment. You are eager to show what you can bring to the team and to pass on your experience and knowledge to the younger members of the sales team.


13. Have you any previous management experience?

Say that although you have not worked as a manager you have had the opportunity to stand in when managers are absent to run a team. You always enjoyed these opportunities and from this realised that management is the course you wish to take.


14. How would you motivate a struggling salesperson in your team?

Say that you would provide them with some closer mentoring and provide them with encouragement, and tell them that they are a capable salesperson. Also you would ensure that they had the tools needed to do their job well.


15. What is your previous record in sales?

Be honest and talk briefly about your experience. Highlight any major deals you made and be very positive about the companies you have worked for. Talk about how your career has progressed to date and mention any responsibilities you had.


16. How would you create a competitive but positive atmosphere in your sales team?

Say that you would set up some internal competitions with prizes based on sales targets. The prizes would be given at group events, such as a monthly team meal.


17. What skills do you think are required to be a successful salesperson?

Say that being good at sales requires a broad set of skills, but the most important skills are an understanding of the product you are selling, and knowing the market and customers. Confidence and excellent communication skills are vital.


18. Can you tell us about a time you had to devise a successful strategy and implement it?

Ideally you will be able to answer this honestly based on experience. If not, say that you kept a log of questions, answers and success rates in one of your first roles and streamlined the questions asked to increase success rates.


19. What do you find rewarding about working with people?

Say that you enjoy being part of a team working towards a unified goal and you love to see team members develop and flourish. Talk about how you enjoy the camaraderie and banter of working with others in a sales team.


20. What do you know about our target audiences? How would you sell to them?

Here you need to do some research on the company before the interview. Read their annual reports, their website and advertising material. This should provide details of who they are targeting. Make it clear that you have done your research and suggest a brief sales strategy.