Nanny Interview Questions & Answers

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Best Nanny Interview Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Nanny Objective Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Nanny Multiple choice Questions. These Objective type Nanny Questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many Medical Industry.

1. Tell me about yourself

I am a 24 year old with a Nanny basic skills certification acquired in the year 2000. Since my graduation, I have worked for 2 children care organizations and a home in Minnesota. During my working stints, I have helped bring up children in a respectable manner while teaching them basic life skills. Other than that, I am looking to improve my scope by working as a nanny in a wonderful organization such as yours.
Interview Questions On Nanny

2. How to become a Nanny?

To become a Nanny, no education or degree is required. However, CPR and first aid certification are commonly required. The International Nanny Association has adopted following basic standards.
Must be at least 18 years of age
Must have done high school (or the equivalent)
Must bear a good general health with proof of immunizations ( a negative TB test or Chest X-ray)
Must able to work legally in the country where they work
Must influence the lives of children in a positive way under their care
Experience in babysitting or daycare
Not necessary but degree in early childhood education or elementary education count as a credit

3. Would you reveal a secret with a kid?

I understand that the privacy of the kid is undoubtedly important. However, it is better and fairer for the parent to know everything about their child.

4. For how long did you stay in your last job?

I joined Mrs. Smiths house in the summer of 2008 and attended to several duties such as taking care of the children laundry, cleaning the kid’s rooms, helping with homework, taking children to school in the morning and then picking them in the evening.

5. Why did you leave your previous job at the Smith’s?

Ever since I joined the family, we had a great relationship with everyone, especially the kids who saw me as their big sister. Three of the kids moved to high school after 2 years, leaving me with the youngest daughter. When Joan, the youngest of the kids finally went to high school early this year, the family asked me to choose whether to stay on for some minor jobs there or look for another nanny’s job. I chose the latter.

6. We do some background check here. Are you comfortable with that?

I am trying to be as straightforward as possible with who I am and what I say. My past is untainted as much as I know, and you would be welcome to confirm my suitability for this position through the check.

7. Have you ever been in a state where you were forced to resign?

Yes, I was had to resign my first nanny job. The reason I left job is that the organization was relocating to a neighboring state, and I would not go with them. They had insisted that they would cater for all the paperwork, but since my mother was ailing, it was better I stayed behind.

8. I see you stayed for only 3 months on your second job. Why was this?

Sure, that was a short stint as a nanny with a non-governmental organization. The company had just set base in our town and advertised for a temporary nanny post. Since I was qualified for the post, I was selected and was taken for a contractual period. I was still waiting for contract renewal when the offer for the next job came.

9. Describe to me the worst employer you have dealt with before?

As you know, people have different personalities, and I have had the privilege to deal with several of these. I have learnt a lot about job expectations and management skills from all my former employers

10. Tell me about any of your weaknesses?

My last jobs were demanding and engaging, but I failed to enhance my interpersonal skills. I would like to have an opportunity of interacting and speaking more with people or groups of people.

11. Are you ready for a drug-screening test before taking up this job?

I know the gravity of substance abuse and understand your concern. I have no objections to such a test.

12. What have your past mistakes, if any, taught you?

For all my three previous jobs, I enjoyed dealing with the children and interacting with their families and relatives. I have had the normal issues of work, but have managed to remain focused on ensuring I give quality results. I have had problems dealing with some extended family members but I this has helped improve my listening skills

13. What do others say about you?

My last employer says I am passionate about the young ones, especially when it comes to proper diet. I could provide more detailed feedback if needed.

14. What makes you different from other applicants for this nanny position?

I believe from the other candidates, I am the most suitable person. My passion for children affairs is evident from all my past jobs. I am also continually improving myself in this area, for example, I recently enrolled for a diploma.

15. If given this job, when will you be available?

I understand this is a full time job, and I am willing to stick to those requirements. Sometimes I could be on leave, but I understand I might be needed at any time.

16. What do you think your typical day as a nanny will look like?

Having worked as a nanny for different employers, I understand all the duties that I have to attend to. There is helping the kids with their homework, cooking meals, tidying their rooms etc.

17. What are your hobbies?

I am one person who really loves what nature has to offer. I love reading my novels at the heart of the park. I also do nature walking quite often.

18. Are you comfortable with simple chores around the house?

In my first job, I had doubled as a nanny and housekeeper. I found this too tasking as I would not attend to either of the tasks efficiently. I would be pleased to stick with nanny work at first.

19. Do you have a job situation where you had a serious problem and how did you solve it?

Yes, in my first nanny job, there was this child who fell on a chair and injured his forehead. Blood was oozing out so fast, but with my first aid skills, I was able contain the problem.

20. How to do deal with a stressful job environment?

The truth is that everybody faces stress in one way or another. The difference is how we handle it. When dealing with children, I try as much as possible to control my emotions.

21. Are you ready for a salary cut?

My last job used to earn me $10 an hour and I understand this is just above the minimum wage for this position. While I would like to improve on this salary, I am ready for negotiations.

22. Are you okay with filling a form confirming you can legally work in the US?

I came to America 10 years ago and acquired full citizenship a couple of years ago. I am ready to fill the 1-9 as part of your verification process.

23. The job is contractual, with a possible renewal after 2 months

I have no problem working temporarily as I have shown in the past. The experience I gain is highly valuable plus I believe there will still be opportunities to work with you.

24. Are you comfortable working with children who are difficult to handle?

It is true some kids can be troublesome than others. In most cases, it is about their personalities, and I am able to handle each case individually.

25. What do you say about children playing and interacting with others?

Socialization is vital for a growing child, just as it is for a grown up. I allow them to interact but monitor such relationships closely.

26. What is your understanding of allergy management?

This was a part of my training as a first aid officer just before I took my first nanny job. I have applied this knowledge in my previous jobs.

27. What questions to ask a Nanny or what questions should nanny expect?

A questions nanny must expect are
Why do you want to be a nanny?
What do you like about the job?
What do you like least about being a nanny?

28. Do you have any special liking or disliking about parents/children/pets?

29. How do you deal with separation anxiety? How do you comfort children?

30. What are some of the rules you’ve followed in other households that you think worked well?