Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Interview Questions

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Best Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Interview Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Interview Questions. These Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular questions during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT & Non IT Industries.

1. What is a tool ?

Anything which is necessary to make a product is called tools.

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Interview Questions

2. What are the classification of tools ?

Press tools, Moulds, Jigs and fixtures, Cutting and assembly tools ,gauges and measuring instruments.


3. What is a press tool ?

Press tool is a custom built tool in which we make sheet components that not readily available in the market.


4. What do you mean by stampings?

The sheet metal which makes with the help of press tool is called stampings.


5. Name the different types of rolling ?

Hot rolling, cold rolling.


6. What is Stock materials ?

Sheet metal from which stampings made is called stock material.


7. What are the press tool operations ?

Cutting, non cutting and combination of both.


8. What is strip?

Each piece of sheet metal called strip.


9. What do you mean Blanking ?

In this operation, cut out material or slug will be the component.


10. What is piercing?

Process of making opening on sheet metal is called piercing. The cut out material will be waste.


11. What is called cutting off ?

Material is going to cut in a single line, there won’t be any waste.


12. What is parting off ?

Double line cutting material in between the line will be waste.


13. Describe about a side cam tool?

Transforms vertical motion of the press ram into horizontal motion of the tool. It is used for side piercing.


14. What is perforating ?

Making no. of holes at a time.


15. What is dinking ?

Press tool cutting operation for soft materials like paper, leather, wood etc.


16. What is trimming ?

Removing large amount of material from the edge of the piece part.


17. What do you understand shaving ?

Removing small amount of material from the previously blanked part.


18. What is broaching ?

Series of teeth profile removes metal from blanked part.


19. Describe bending?

Bending can be explained as shaping of material around straight line axis. Result is a new plane which is at an angle to the mother plane.


20. What is lancing ?

Combination of cutting and bending.


21. What is forming ?

Press tool non cutting operations in which material is formed into different shapes.


22. What do you mean drawing ?

Process of making cup or vessel is called drawing.


23. What is curling ?

Rolling the edge of sheet metals.


24.Define bulging?

Internal forming operation to expand portions.


25.Name the common medias of bulging ?

rubber, urethane, oil etc.


26. What is swaging?

Opposite of bilge. External forming operation also called as necking.


27. What is extrusion ?

Operation to produce collapsible tubes, shell etc.


28. Define coining?

Making depression and corresponding projection won’t be there.


29. What is an assembly tool ?

Assembling of two or more parts by riveting, press fitting etc.


30.Describe flaring, lugging, collar drawing ?

Making collar so that no. of threads can be provided.


31. What is Planishing ?

Flattening of material is called Planishing.


32. What is progressive tool ?

Multi stage tool in which perform work at number of stations.


33. What is compound tool ?

All cutting features of the component perform at one stroke of the ram.


34. What do you meant by combination tool?

Small press operated in large one. Blank and form very small parts.


35. What is notching ?

Small amount of material cuts from the edge of the component.


36. What do you understand by sub press tool ?

Small press operated in large one, blank and form very small parts.


37. What is louvering?

Combination of cutting and forming.


38. What is shearing?

Method of cutting sheets without forming chips.


39. What are the stages of shearing ?

Plastic deformation, penetration, fracture.


40. Result of plastic penetration stages is ?

Cut band


41. Result of plastic deformation stage is ?

Edge radius or roll over.


42. Result of fracture stages is ?

Break edge.


43. Name the types of shear load ?

Internal and external loads.


44. What are the types of external shear load ?

Compressive load and tensile load.


45. Define tensile load ?

Force acting on opposite direction in same axis.


46. What is shear load ?

Load which is acting on same direction but not in same axis.


47. What is compressive load ?

Forces acting on same direction in same axis.


48. Name the types of force based on speed ?

Impact force (quick force)

magnetic force


49. Describe about stress ?

Load acting on a material per unit area.


50. Formula of stress ?

load /area