Mainframe Interview Questions & Answers

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Best Mainframe Interview Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Mainframe Interview Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Mainframe. These Mainframe Questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular questions during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT companies. 

1. What is Mainframe Computer /System?

A large Electronic Data Processing System, can handle lacks of records.
IBM builds Mainframe Computers. Today, Big companies; Banks, Insurance Companies, Travel and Retail Sector, Telecom Companies employ Mainframes for processing their business data. Today, thousands of people around the globe book flights, do Electronic Money Transfers, swipe their credit-cards for purchases. These transactions are processed in a snap by a Mainframe computer.
Interview Questions On Mainframe

2. What is Mainframe Application Testing?

Mainframe Application Testing is Similar to client-service applications testing, but testers have to know how to operate basic TSO and ISPF commands and menus, view mainframe files, look at and use SDSF or other output tool, log on CICS and transactions, use FTP or another transfer protocol, submit the batch job.

3. What is the difference between General Testing and Mainframe Testing?

Generally Testing doesn't tend to be platform-specific, If it is Windows based Application or Web based Application or Mainframe Application Testing methodologies are same, the only difference is environment. Testers should have awareness on Environment.

4. How JCL is used for testing batch programs?

JCL is the control language for running programs in a batch environment. When running a test job, the JCL that actually controls the process is submitted as a test JOB.

5. Does QTP Tool support Mainframe Application Testing?

Yes, QTP Supports Mainframe Application Testing, It has TE (Terminal Emulators) Add in for supporting Mainframe Environment.