Hydraulic Machines Interview Questions & Answers

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Best Hydraulic Machines Interview Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Hydraulic Machines Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Hydraulic Machines Interview Questions. These Hydraulic Machines Questions are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular questions during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT & Non IT Industries.

Hydraulic Machines Interview Questions:

Interview Questions on Hydraulic Machines

1. A mechanical device to increase the pressure energy of a fluid.

2. It reduces the possibility of separation and cavitation in reciprocating pumps.

3. Reciprocating pumps having two suction pipes and two delivery pipes, one on each side.

4. Indicator diagram for a reciprocating pump is ______ in shape.

5. Acceleration head in the middle of the suction and delivery strokes in a reciprocating pump is ______ .

6. The frictional head in the middle of the suction and delivery strokes in a reciprocating pump is ______ .

7. A cast iron chamber, having opening at the base, through which water can flow..

8. Air vessel allows the pump to run at a higher speed and saves ______ due to lesser acceleration head.

9. The normal force acting on a stationary flat plate by impact of a jet is proportional to ______ of velocity of jet.

10. If a water jet at velocity V strikes a flat plate moving at velocity u, then force on plate is proportional to _________.

11. Maximum efficiency that can be developed by a series of moving plates hit by a jet of water.

12. Two high and two low tides in sea occur in _______.

13. Hydro plants which utilise the same water by recycling using pumping.

14. Hydel plants upto 100 kW capacity are called ________ hydel plants.

15. Hydel plants in which power house is located along the main course of the river.

16. The passage by cutting the mountain to reduce the length of waterway between the reservoir and the power house.

17. A pipe to carry the water from reservoir to the turbine house.

18. A dam constructed to raise water level and to divert river flow in another direction.

19. It protects the penstock against water hammer.

20. Enlarged body of water provided just in front of penstock.

21. Place where water from the turbine is disposed.

22. For low heads, _______ are unsuitable.

23 ________turbines operate on the basis of difference of pressure at the inlet and outlet of the turbine.

24. Whole of the pressure energy is first converted into kinetic energy.

25. Head above _______ m and small quantity of water requires impulse turbine.

26. Low head below 30 m and large quantity of water requires reaction turbines such as turbine.

27. Medium head between 30 m and 200 m and medium quantity of water requires reaction turbine such as________turbines.

28. Kaplan turbine has specific speeds varying from ______ to ________.

29. Francis turbines have specific speeds varying from _______ to _________.

30. In ______ flow turbine water enters radially and leaves the runner axially.

31. For maximum efficiency wheel velocity should be ______ the-jet velocity in the Pelton wheel.

32. Economical diameter of penstock is determined by _______ formula.

33. Hydro project used for power production, water supply irrigation, flood control, navigation etc.

34. Kaplan turbine is _______ flow type turbine.

35. In ________ turbnie, the water under pressure enters the runner through the guide blades radially in inward direction and leaves axially.

36. A tube or passage having gradually increasing cross-section.

38. The speed ratio for Kaplan turbine is of the order of ______

39. Efficiency of draft tube is the ratio of actual regain of pressure head and _______.

40. When the pressure in any conduit falls below the vapour pressure, ______ may occur.

41 ______ turbine has guide vanes as well as runner vanes adjustment for controlling speed.

42. In _______ turbine, only guide vanes are adjusted as per load requirement.

43. Specific speed of hydraulic turbine is proportional to _______.

44. Specific speed of hydraulic turbine is inversely proportional to _______.

45. Unit power of turbine can be determined by dividing the normal output by ________.

46. Unit speed of turbine canie determined by dividing the normal speed by ________.

47. If water has large amount of dirt and sand then _______ turbine can’t be used.

48. A _______ pump is a positive displacement type pump having circular motion.

49. The best suited pump for lifting water having solids in suspension.

50. A pump used to lift the water in a greater quantity when a small quantity of water is available at more height.

51. A device for increasing the intensity of pressure by utilising the energy of a large quantity of water available at low pressure.

52. An automatic clutch which transmits power from one shaft to another by means of the circulation of oil between the two halves of this device.


Hydraulic Machines Interview Questions and Answers

1. pump

2. air vessels

3. double acting pumps

4. rectangular

5. zero

6. maximum

7. air vessel

8. power

9. square

10. [(V-u)2]


12. 24 hrs 50 mts.

13. pumped storage plants

14. micro

15. Run of river plants

16. tunnel

17. penstock

18. diversion dam

19. surge tank

20. forebay

21. tail race

22. Pelton wheels

23. reaction

24. impulse turbine

25. 200

26. Kaplan

27. Francis

28. 300 to 1000

29. 50 to 300

30. mixed

31. half

32. Sarkaria

33. multi-purpose project

34. axial

35. Francis

36. draft tube

37. 0.6 to 0.9

38. 2

39. velocity head at entrance

40. cavitation

41. Kaplan

42. Francis

43. Root P

44. (H)5/4

45. H RootH

46. (RootH)

47. Francis

48. rotary

49. air lift pump

50. jet pump

51. hydraulic intensifier

52. fluid coupling