Data Capturing Multiple choice Questions & Answers

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Best Data Capturing Objective type Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Data Capturing Objective Questions and Answers have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your Job interview for the subject of Data Capturing Multiple choice Questions. These Objective type Data Capturing are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question during your Job interview and these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many IT & Non IT Industry.

 1)  Which of the following methods is not automatic data capture? | Data Capturing Questions

   A. Optical Mark Reading

  B. Optical Character Recognition

  C. Keying in Questionnaire Responses 

  D. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Ans: C

 Objective Type Questions On Data Capturing

2)    Which of the following would be the best method of collecting data about a customer’s personal details? | Data Capturing Questions


  A. Data Capture Form 

  B. Bar Code Reader

  C. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

  D. Speech Recognition

Ans: A


3) Is an application form an automatic method of data capture? | Data Capturing Questions


  A. True

  B. False 

Ans: B


4) Keying data into a computerised system while the customer gives you their details verbally is... | Data Capturing Questions


  A. Manual Data Capture 

  B. Automatic Data Capture

Ans: A


5) 1.    When designing a data capture form you should consider the following...(Please indicate two correct answers) | Data Capturing Questions


  A. A mixture of serif (curly) fonts

  B. A Thank-You statement at the bottom of the form 

  C. At least 15 different colours

  D. A company logo 

Ans: B,D


6) A data capture form should contain instructions about how it should be completed? | Data Capturing Questions


  A. True 

  B. False

Ans: A

7) People should be allowed to enter a date in whatever format they wish e.g. 19th May 1987, 19/05/1987, 19th May 87 etc. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. True

  B. False 


Ans: B


8) If the form is being designed for a company then their company logo and colours should always be included in the data capture form? | Data Capturing Questions


  A. True 

  B. False

Ans: A


9) It is a good idea to use as many closed questions as possible rather than open? | Data Capturing Questions


  A. True 

  B. False

Ans: A


10) Data such as a customer’s address should be collected as one block of text? | Data Capturing Questions


  A. True

  B. False 

Ans: B


11) It is acceptable to specify which colour of ink the respondant should fill out the data capture form with? | Data Capturing Questions


  A. True 

  B. False

Ans: A


12) The questions on the data capture form should always be arranged compactly to fit all of them onto one page. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. True

  B. False 


Ans: B


13) In this process, transparent originals are coated with a small amount of oil or gel to reduce scratches or imperfections. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. Oil mounting 

  B. Greasing

  C. Lubricating Process

  D. Emulsion Coating




14) ______ lights are a high-intensity flicker-free source of illumination that provides an alternative to the problems presented by tungsten lighting. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. HMI 

  B. Candle light 

  C. Sun light

  D. Strobe

Ans: A


15) ________ are used to apply special effects to bitmap images. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. Filters 

  B. Layers

  C. SCSI 

  D. Scanners

Ans: A


16) This technology is used by flatbed scanners to assure uniform sharpness and high resolution of images regardless of they placements on the scanning area. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. XY technology 

  B. CCD array

  C. sweet spot

  D. newton's rings

Ans: A


17) Digital cameras use what type of cards? | Data Capturing Questions



  B. CCD 


  D. LCD

Ans: A


18) Drum scanners use _______ for gathering color information. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. CMOS APS sensors

  B. PMTs 

  C. CCDs

  D. All of the above 

Ans: B


19) _______ cameras are characterized by high-or ultra-high resolution and excellent noninterpolated color rendition. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. point-and-shoot

  B. field

  C. studio 

  D. drum

Ans: C


20) _______ are used to isolate an area that you want to protect from change while applying color changes, filters, or other efefcts to the rest of the image. | Data Capturing Questions


  A. masks 

  B. layers 

  C. filters

  D. screens

Ans: A


21) _____________ is the increase of tonal contrast where light and dark tones come together at the edges of an image.


  A. Unsharp masking 

  B. Filters

  C. layers

  D. Oil mounting 

Ans: A


22) What is the most commonly used light source for commercial studio photography?


  A. tungsten 

  B. daylight 

  C. HMI

Ans: A


23) This is a mathematical technique used to increase the apparent resolution of an image.  Increases image resolution by adding data in intermediate shades of gray or color to surrounding areas.


  A. interpolation 

  B. Digital imaging 

  C. Drum scanning

  D. XY technology

Ans: A


24) The screen ruling is the number of ruled _______________________________ on a halftone screen.


  A. lines per inch 

  B. dots per inch

  C. pixels 

  D. images

Ans: A


25) In an image-editing program, the _________________ displays the number of pixels affected in each part of the tonal scale and appears as a horizontal display of highlight, midtone, and shadow values


  A. histogram 

  B. layers 

  C. filters

  D. spatial resolution

Ans: A


26) Which type of cable provides faster data transmission?


  A. SCSI 



Ans: A


27) These are light-sensing tubes composed of highly sensitive photocells that transform variations in light into electric currents.  


  A. Photomultiplier 

  B. hybrid 


  D. HMI

Ans: A


28) ___________________ refers to the capability of a digital imaging device to address data in two dimensions, horizontal and vertical.


  A. Spatial resolution 

  B. Exposure

  C. Histogram 

  D. Pixel

Ans: A


29) The photosensitive elements in a CCD are known as _________________


  A. well sites 

  B. PMTs

  C. resolution 

  D. sensors

Ans: A


30) The standard color temperature reference for digital cameras and daylight film emulsions is ____________/


  A. 3200K

  B. 4000K

  C. 5500K 

  D. 6200K

Ans: C


31) The light-gathering sensors used by flatbed scanners and digital cameras are called ___________________.


  A. trilinear CCD arrays 

  B. drums

  C. LCD

  D. FPO 

Ans: A


32) The number of pixels or dots per inch in an image determines its _____________________


  A. resolution 

  B. well site

  C. interpolation 

  D. CCD array

Ans: A


33. The two methods of data capture are called .......


A. manual and automatic

B. manual and validated

C. paper and paperless

D. validated and verified

Ans: A

34. Which of these uses a manual method of data capture?

A. Bar-code reader

B. Filling in a questionnaire by hand

C. Supermarket laser scanner

D. Temperature sensor

Ans: B

35. Market researchers use questionnaires to get data .......

A. as the data needed might be hard to obtain automatically

B. as they can change the questions to suit the person

C. because it is more accurate

D. because it means they can meet people face to face

Ans: A

36.Questionnaires and data capture forms .......

A. always need someone to key-in the results by hand

B. are always paper based and have to be stored in boxes

C. can sometimes be made machine readable

D. have to be filled in completely or are not useful

Ans: C


37. Which uses an automatic method of data capture?

A. AutoDC


C. DocuR


Ans: D

38. Which is not a feature of automatic data capture?

A. Can be used in locations dangerous for humans

B. It is usually faster than manual data capture

C. It requires constant human supervision

D. It usually requires extra hardware

Ans: C

39. Data capture forms .......

A. need lots of graphics so people do not get bored

B. should ask for as much information as possible

C. should have a simple, easy to follow layout

D. should use the smallest size fonts to save paper

Ans: C

40. Data capture forms need careful design because .......

A. designers need to be kept employed

B. they reduce misunderstandings when being completed

C. they make the information more accurate

D. they make the information more reliable

Ans: B

41. Data capture forms need careful design .......

A. to make sure questions provide the required information

B. to make sure the right answers are given

C. to make the company look professional

D. to make the form look cool

Ans: A

42. Which of the following is not an automatic  data capture method?

A. Optical character Recognition

B. Barcode Reader 

C. Optical Mark reader 

D. Flatbed scanner

Ans: D

43. Which of the following would be the most appropriate data capture method for reading the codes on packages, books and tins?

A. Barcode Reader 



D. Flatbed Scanner

Ans: A

44. Which would be the most appropriate data capture method for scanning pencil marks on a specially designed form?


B. Barcode reader


Ans: A

45. Which would be the most appropriate data capture method for capturing and translating spoken words into digital text?

A. Speech recognition 

B. Barcode Reader



Ans: A