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 1. State different types of Digital modulation techniques?

2. What is shift keying?

3. What is a binary modulation technique?

4. Define ASK?

5. Define PSK?

6. Define FSK?

&. Define ‘%S! and D%S!? (. Why ‘%S! is called quadrature shift keying? ). Define *D+?? 1,. What are applications of shift keying? 11. Define #D+? 12. State the applications of multiple-ing?

13. State the principle of %???

14. State coherent detection? 1″. State non/coherent detection? 1$. Differentiate bet0een D%S! and ‘%S!? 1&. What is an +/?rray data transmission? 1(. What is a standing 0a?e? 1). Define reflection and transmission co/efficient? 2,. State different types of losses in transmission lines 21. Define modes? 22. What is the range of micro0a?es? 23. What is the ad?antage of 0a?eguides? 24. Define ?SW?? 2″. Define ?solator? 2$. What is the principle of Directional coupler? 2&. State different types of Directional couplers? 2(. What is a !lystron? 2). State the classification of micro0a?e tubes? 3,. What are 5/type and +/type tubes? 31. State application of klystron?